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Sunday, December 9, 2012

When Lincoln Came to RVA - Part 2

I took my mom to see "Lincoln" last week - terrific! While watching the move I attempted to pick out scenes that I thought were shot in the area. It seemed to me that most of the movie was shot inside both the Capitol Building (first photo, before the transformation - how it normally looks; second photo, after the transformation for the movie - the facade is in place) and the Governor's Mansion (last photo, with the portico covered for secrecy). I recognized historic downtown Petersburg in many of the scenes.

I also studied faces in hopes of seeing someone I knew (didn't recognize anyone). There were a lot of recruits from the area to act in the movie.

It was incredible how much DIRT was spread to cover all the cement or brick sidewalks at the Capitol during the transformation (which I think you can see from some of the photos). And then it was even more incredible that every single speck was removed after the shooting ended.

Pretty exciting! I plan to see it again with the hubs.

If you're interested - here is Part I.

The back of the Capitol before the transformation.
The back of the Capitol after the transformation. Incredible.


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