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Sunday, November 11, 2012

When Lincoln Came to RVA - Part 1

It was unbelievable how the Capitol was transformed for the movie "Lincoln" last year. An entire facade was built and attached to the back of the building (this is among many other transformations). All of the ornate columns and most of the intricate decorations were painstakingly carved from a light but dense foam. Everything was assembled on site.

This is not part of the movie - but I love it - the life-size statue of George Washington is original to the Capitol and is permanently displayed there. I recommend taking a tour of the Capitol Building if you get a chance. The building was designed and built by Thomas Jefferson in 1788 (and has been remodeled a couple of times since then to the structure we have today).

I thought this was a good time to post these photos since the movie "Lincoln" is opening in Richmond on Friday. Can't wait to see it. More photos to come.

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