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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Rice House

I was so incredibly excited when we were invited to a social gathering at the Rice House recently.

I was told I could photograph while I was there, and after socializing a bit I wandered off in several directions for a few snaps. It was a super cloudy day, and all day long there was a threat of rain, but we didn't get a drop. A gift!

What a fantastic modern home and, even more amazing, the location and the view - on a hill right on the James River. Spectacular!

Unfortunately, the house is not open to the public these days, but it can be rented for weddings, private gatherings, business events, and the like.

What a great place!


Linda said...

Wow, awesome views! Very modern in a 70's way.

Penny said...

Linda, "wow" is a perfect description! An amazing view from every window in the house.

Liz @ I Heart Vegetables said...

I wanna live there!!! haha :) That place would get sooo much natural light. It would be amazing for pictures!

Dagmara said...

Amazing house, I love the details you've captured in your photos. they have picked some classic furniture pieces and sprinkled it through the house, to me mirroring the rocks in the water. Great post, thank you for sharing

Penny said...

Liz, I kept wondering how wonderful it would be to wake up every day to those views and all the beautiful, natural light. ncredible

Dagmara, thank you! It's a fantastic place to photograph with tons of interesting details. I want to go in the fall...can you imagine how lovely?!

Lisa @ The Wellness Wife said...

Gorgeous! I wish it was open to the public.

Penny said...

Lisa, thanks. Yes, it would be great if it was open to the public. I think its one of those places that most people would appreciate!