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Friday, May 9, 2014


I've been in a work-related class all week. Ack…my brain is frazzled and what gray cells weren't affected have taken an hiatus. I had to change my work schedule to accommodate the class, and boy was that tough. I'm a creature of habit and I like keeping a schedule through the week, but this class blew it all to pieces!

The fortune cookie in my Chinese take out dinner tonight appropriately read "The only constant in life is that there will be changes." True.

We decided to take up herb gardening (again*). On Sat we picked up a booty of herbs from Strange's and planted a nice sized bed that afternoon. Rosemary, sage, basil (lots), tarragon, lemon verbena (great in iced tea), mint, thyme, marjoram, edible nasturtium blossoms, and a few others.

*The developer of our condo laid out 30 or so gardening beds for owners who wanted to have a modest plot to grown things in. We planted an herb bed right after we moved in a few years ago, and it did just OK. Really, the bed wasn't in an ideal location and didn't get all the sun it needed to thrive. But this time we have a different plot that gets more sun so we're hoping it will flourish and yield a lot more than the first time around. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Shopping for herbs and flowers on a warm spring day is so wonderfully therapeutic!

It was French Food Fest weekend too - the best cream puff in RVA (although the homemade cream puffs at Aziza's on Main are pretty incredible).

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