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Sunday, May 18, 2014

James River Wild

Living near the powerful James River always keeps things interesting! I'm in awe of it, just like I am with the ocean.

The James flooded this weekend. The flooding wasn't anything close to what we've experienced in the past, thank goodness, but amazing nonetheless.

Floating piers were lifted and flipped, some to reveal the scarred underbelly of styrofoam that keeps them buoyant.

Attempts were made to secure the floating piers to keep them from drifting downriver.

River banks were filled up to treetops.

Huge trees floated at a brisk pace as they moved down river.

Natural and man made debris got caught up in flooded nooks and crannies.

Walkways to the public marina and pier were flooded and impassible.

Railroad tracks, beyond the river banks and over the hill, were flooded and hundreds of tadpoles were swimming between the rails in a captive puddle.

Parking lots were closed.

But things always continue to move forward in a river town, regardless of how bossy the river might get.

The weather was lovely on Sunday. There were two weddings at Rocketts Landing Boathouse over the weekend, and plenty of photos were being taken by the river. And there were bunches of dewy-faced kids milling around who were decked out in stunning formal wear for what looked like prom night or a high school social (so cute!). Both the Boathouse and Conch Republic restaurants were fully packed, inside and out.

I love River life.

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