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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Waterside Town - Urbanna

We headed to Urbanna this weekend to scope it out thinking that we might go the Urbanna Oyster Festival this year.

Urbanna is only about an hour outside of Richmond. The ride was beautiful - rural and historic.

It was a quiet little town - hardly anyone on the streets. We were there all day taking in history, shopping and eating, and seriously, we saw maybe three dozen people doing the same thing. We checked out a lot of little shops and chatted with the owners who were incredibly friendly.

There was a whole lot of activity around the marina - folks getting their boats ready or just hanging out. Kids were already canoeing and enjoying the water (which was pretty cool, temp wise!)

We talked to several residents and they said it was crazy packed with people during the festival. The town blocks off most of the main streets and actually bus people in from parking lots set up around the outskirts.

Oyster Fest….undecided.

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