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Sunday, January 26, 2014

James River on Ice!

I took an early morning walk along the James River yesterday. The top of the river was pretty much frozen solid (took a bunch of pics that I plan to post soon). It didn't move an inch the entire time I watched it and not a sound came from it, which is unusual since normally it is subtly active with all the typical river water sounds. It was a very cloudy and dark morning too (not to mention extremely cold with wicked wind), which made it seem all the more freakishly static and quiet.

Today I took another early morning walk, and it was super sunny and a little warmer with a lot less wind then yesterday. The ice was much looser and slowly creeped along with the current, as you can see from the vid. And it was loud - lots of cracking and grinding and screeching as the undercurrent attempted to move the hard ice down stream.

I recorded today's adventure on my iPhone.


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