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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

History in the 72nd Degree

I was thrilled when the Department of General Services for Virginia asked me to photograph the 72nd Virginia Gubernatorial Inauguration on Jan 11 for historical purposes. It was a terrific honor being a part of the DGS team the week prior to the inauguration and on the day of (I was an "adopted employee" for the week - but I only physically worked with the team on the 11th - the rest of the time involved emailing and text messaging to get ducks in a row :).

Honestly, I've never seen a more dedicated group of people than the great gals and guys at DGS. They all worked so incredibly hard for weeks preparing, and then on the day of they were all out there doing their thing to make it all work smoothly. Impeccable work ethics. All the while they were wonderfully professional and just really, really nice.

The new governor Terry McAuliffe was sworn in, as well as the Lieutenant Governor, Northam and the Attorney General, Herring.

It was WET and it was FOGGY. All day long. It was mild temp wise, so that really helped. From a creative standpoint, I love the fog. Love me a good foggy image. But since there's NO visibility in foggy weather it's not the best environment for shooting documentary-type images. But DGS really liked the photos, so I was happy. Below is a sample of some of the images I gave them.

It was a terrific experience!


karen said...

Penny, Penny, Penny--outstanding photojournalism!!!

Penny said...
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Penny said...

Not sure why the comment above was deleted...gremlins! Thanks Karen!