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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Foggy Adventure

A bunch of us hit the road super early on Sat to travel to a little town outside of Goochland for an early morning adventure.

The fog was so thick we had to hold up the entire caravan of travelers in a parking lot until it cleared up a little. 

The sun finally burst out full force from the thick, cloudy sky and mother nature gifted us with a bright fall sunrise over the foggy hills. It was incredibly lovely to watch the steam slowly burn off the landscape to reveal beautiful fall colors.  

Such a stunning and unexpected visual treat!


Corrie Avila said...

what gorgeous contrast of the fog against the fall foliage!

Katie said...

Stunning photos, we had a foggy day on Tuesday here, never even thought to photograph it. Katie x

noreen said...

that's lovely! instead of being grouchy for the delay, you appreciated it, and captured it to share. thanks!

Barbara Cortili said...

Hi Peggy! These photos are gorgeous, I love the atmosphere you created within them! I am going to follow your blog from now on, keep up the great work! :)

Barbara from BYW :)