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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gas 28 Cents a Gallon

Don't we wish!

When I got my full frame camera I knew right away I wanted to try out the Lensbaby Composer on it.  A recent visit to a garage filled with antique vehicles was the perfect time to attach that funky little lens and have a go at it.

The garage was really dark, but had windows high towards the ceiling that let bright light settle along the tops and hoods of the vehicles. The Lensbaby caught that little bit of light and bent every gleam into fascinating fuzzy streaks and orbs, leaving only a tiny bit of the image in focus.

The lens is magic. Opening an image shot with this lens is a little like opening a surprise gift from a tasteful friend - I have no idea what's going to be inside that wrapped package but I know it's going to be unexpected and unique. When I do finally see the image I stare wide-eyed in appreciation of what that lens is capable of.

Not saying I'm an ace at using the Lensbaby because I'm still learning. But I do appreciate the creativity that's achievable with it. It's just plain fun.

I used the f4 aperture ring because that's what was in the lens previously when I shot with my D300. I felt f4 worked better with the cropped frame. But I think with the full frame of the D700 I'd like to try the f2 ring next time. Soon.

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Olga Romero said...

Great (full frame...a dream)!
Receive a hug Penny.
(see you in Decor8 class)