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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Aboard

What happened to the weekend? It flew by. In fact, what happened to Oct?!

If you're like me, as usual its going to become a dazzlingly, hurried scene heading into the holidays. We're already making plans for December events.

While shopping at Stony Point I stopped by Anthropology to browse new fall additions. The hip design staff was making ornaments for their holiday tree and inviting customers to join in.

After I sat down at the beautifully arranged table (as only Anthro can do) and took in the mounds of glitter, paint, cardboard ornament templates and other crafty paraphernalia, I realized that I felt slightly intimidated and that it had been entirely too long since I'd gotten crafty like that. I quickly pushed any doubts aside and dug in!

While relearning how to wield a hot glue gun (the feel of hot glue singeing the tip of a finger rekindled long forgotten crafting memories), I chatted with the delightful staff as we folded, wrapped and assembled lovely ornaments that resembled abstract gilded fruit and piled them into overflowing mounds and bowls.

Simple crafts are so much fun.


Corrie Avila said...

Love Anthro's designs! Very cool that you were able to assist in their ornament making ~ bring on the season!

Katie said...

Your photographs are absolutely fantastic, they make me want to rush and get me camera and try so much harder. Love the content too. Katie x

noreen said...

i'm a montessori teacher, so i do crafts all the time, but that glue gun? i'd need a lesson! looks like fun, n