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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Luscious colors. It has gotten really chilly this week. I'm wearing a light jacket to work now, and on the way I'm seeing frosty morning fields and billows of exhaust steam rolling from behind cars and school buses. Coming home, early and strong sunsets cast really long shadows on the sidewalk. Lovely.

I had a dream about my younger brother, Mike, who passed away this past April (the second dream about him since he passed). He and my grandmother (she passed away ten years ago in April too, and they were close) were facing each other and lightly hugging. Their heads were bowed and their foreheads were just touching. They were in silhouette because behind them was a backdrop of extremely bright, white light. The light was so bright that it wrapped around and embraced them. But I could still make out every single feature of their silhouettes and profiles. I could see their eyes were closed and I felt that there was an unspoken communication of peacefulness and love between them. I felt it, too, and it comforted me.

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