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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My heart goes out to those folks up and down the East coast who were impacted by Sandy. I watched the news this morning and cried when I saw the devastation. I can't imagine, and hope I never have to experience it.

We've been living in the condo for four years and have never had a trick-or-treater! That is one thing I do miss about living in the 'burbs (and I don't miss much about living in the 'burbs because I do like our condo life) - Halloween was always a fun event in our old neighborhood with lots of decorations, candy, and tons of cute costumed kids. It properly ushered in fall and the start of the holidays.

The hubs brought home a bag of candy tonight - just like he has done every year that we've been living here - just in case a goblin comes knocking (because we do have kids living in the condo complex - maybe two or five?). And just like every other year, tomorrow half of it will go to his office and half will go my office (because I can tell you we'd both eat the whole bag in the course of a few weeks if it was left at home). He gets the really good stuff - mini chocolate candy bars. He never gives up hope that one day he'll open the door after a tiny tap and hear "Trick-or-treat!!!!!" from a miniature Harry Potter or Snow White - and you know, we'd HAVE to be prepared.

I feel a Snickers attack coming on.

Be safe out there!

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