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Saturday, October 20, 2012


I've been helping my mom since her rotary cuff surgery in Sep. It's a REALLY tough recovery - lots of pain. She's taking pain meds that keep her a bit on edge and foggy. Since the surgery she's had the use of only one arm, making it impossible for her to do much for herself (although at times that doesn't stop her from trying). She's recovering nicely and currently in physical therapy - which will last for several months. She finally gets the cast off on Friday, and she's very excited about it because then she'll be able to drive again. It'a all been really hard for an independent woman like my mom. :)

I'm more than half-way through my on-line photography class and loving it. Learning a lot.

Fall is here! Today the weather is gorgeous and later we're heading off to the annual CCR picnic at Roslyn Park.

I've got a bunch of photos to post in the coming weeks. Truth be told, I've been so busy - but I'm itching to post-process them.

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