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Monday, September 3, 2012

Judith Ann

About a month ago we headed to Norfolk's Ocean View Fishing Pier to take in a chartered boat ride on the "Judith Ann" to a concert nearby in Portsmouth. It was a stunning day. Exceptionally hot and windy. It was so windy that the crazy boat bobbed up and down uncontrollably like a spastic buoy. And I got sea sick. Nice. Not physically ill, but sick enough that I had to get off the boat and hitch a ride with a few friends (who were also sea sick) to the concert. I was bummed because the trip was also catered and all kinds of food was going to be served! While I'm prone to motion sickness, I haven't had it bother me that much since I was a kid.

Found a new photography site, Mastering Photo, and enjoyed this short article on using Photoshop Curves to dodge and burn (ILO using the dedicated dodge and burn tools). Will have to dig around in it a little more.

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