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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beware of Zombies!

This last one had me laughing - Zombie "Sex and the City" girls (and boys).

Yesterday I went with the RPMG to the Carytown Zombie Walk - what a fun event! Each year kids and grownups alike create their best zombie looks and parade down the streets. All the stores/restaurants have big bowls of candy a few hours before the zombie walk so that kids can stop in to trick-or-treat before they settle in to watch the walk. Although during the walk there weren't that many little kids - I guess it's because most of these zombies were REALLY scary :).

The zombies were not only dressed to the hilt, but acting the part too. Lots of growling, catatonic expressions, dragging feet, hunched backs, grimacing, flailing arms, robotic movements, moaning the word "brains!" - you get the picture.

I had to ask the guy in the third photo from the top about his eye covers - they are not just for looks (although he uses them just for this event) - they are prescription contacts and can be ordered from most eye glass stores. He said he can see really well through the middle, and gets a slightly milky view around the perimeter of the white area.

A friendly event, and a great way to spend a few hours.

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