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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Abundance in Bed 32.

I've been monitoring our new herb bed in lot 32 once or twice a week and it's growing nicely!

We've had plenty of rain so we haven't had to water much. And that's OK with me because the hose is down the hill and we have to unroll it until it's almost completely off the reel to get it to our bed. That's the easy part. The hard part is winding it back onto the reel so it's not twisted and bent and you're not covered in mud afterwards. We rarely succeed with the latter.

But the trade off is that we have a bed that gets great sun! And if I have to make a choice between plenty of sun or the trouble of lugging the hose, I'll take sun and lug the hose any day.

Can't wait to dry a few herbs, like this or this.

I'm keeping an eye out for fresh and healthy recipes that incorporate lots of herbs, like this.

We have 33 plots available in the condo, and most of them are taken. There's lots of interesting things to be seen in the other plots...


Lisa @ The Wellness Wife said...

The cabbage looks gorgeous! Did you plant the flowers to keep away aphids? I've been experimenting with flowers as pest control. So far it has worked.

Liz @ I Heart Vegetables said...

Looks like it's coming in great!

Penny said...

Lisa, thanks for stopping by! I''ve never used plants to control pests, but that would be my first choice too. So far no problems in that area, thank goodness. The beautiful cabbage belongs to a neighboring plot.

Liz, thanks, so far so good!