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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Instantly Charmed

As we approached Sub Rosa in Church Hill, we could see a crowd of people inside. We joined in, and I grabbed two chairs at the food bar while the hubs proceeded to get in the order line.

There's a din of lively conversation from customers waiting in line, and sometimes chatting is preferred over ordering. Some people buy their goods and go, while others linger at tables and settle into easy morning conversation or quietly read. Espresso, various steaming drinks, and delicious looking baked goods enter waiting hands and are eagerly devoured.

Behind the counter are several shelves, trays and racks with rows of beautifully browned breads and pastries. There's a smooth hustle and flow from the hard working the staff.

In the back is the center of the universe for Sub Rosa - the mighty wood-fired oven. I am in awe of the baker who continuously pulls dark, crusty loaves of bread from the hot oven chambers while he expertly maneuvers the long-handled paddle like a maestro swings a baton.

High ceilings. Wood dining tables that look as though they're made from reclaimed wood. Smaller tables topped with beautiful metal trays. A shelf of pour-over supplies. Gorgeous windows that let in an abundance of natural light. You want to linger.

We're instantly charmed. We're confident that whatever we plan to order will be simply wonderful.

And everything was so very delicious. I drank too much coffee and got a little wired, but I savored my caffeine high for the rest of the day!

As we leave I notice a house for sale. I tell the hubs I want to put in a bid for it right away because I needed to move right next door to this place.


karen said...

Gorgeous images, as always! I think this is the same place we just happened upon a few weeks ago--if it is, they had just reopened that day after a fire in an adjacent apt. caused them to close for a while. By the time we arrived, no line, but very little food left also. What we had was great.

Penny said...

Thanks Karen! Yes, it's that place! The entire community has been incredibly instrumental in getting them back on their feet (an easy task with this yummy place!).