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Friday, December 13, 2013

Hollywood in Richmond

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is one of the finest attractions in the city. It brings the most fascinating venues to town and has outstanding permanent exhibit collections. Being a member is one of the best values in the city! Folks on TripAdvisor kind of like it too. :)  We love it.

Recently, Tippi Hedren, the lovely actress from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and "Marnie", was at VMFA to celebrate Birds' 50th anniversary and help kick off the Hollywood Costume exhibit. Her famous green dress from Birds is included in the exhibit. The 80+ year old actress was incredibly gracious and absolutely stunning. She's passionate about wildlife conservation.

I was so excited to snag tickets before they sold out within 24 hours! The hubs had to go on a business trip, so I took one of my girlfriends. I got an autographed photo from Tippi and surprised the hubs with it when he got home! He loved it. Tippi wasn't signing autographs, but before the show I asked one of the exhibit organizers - in a non-annoying way, of course - if she could get an autograph for my hubs because I wanted to surprise him. I wasn't sure if it would happen, but the exhibit organizer came through, and I was thrilled.

The Hollywood Costume exhibit is such a treat for movie enthusiasts like me and the hubs. I went with another girlfriend a few weekends ago, and the hubs and I plan to go sometime during the holiday. It was great fun to see the original costumes from so many movies that I love. I couldn't believe the depth of intricate details worked into the clothing - breathtaking.

The photography exhibit was interesting, too! All analogue film of course, and many were re-printed from the original negatives just for this exhibit.

Both times I had lunch at VMFA's award winning restaurant, Amuse. As always, the food was delicious and waitstaff top notch. It's a beautiful, light filled space with perfectly elegant modern surroundings and ambiance.

Be sure to go!! It will be a great day out. :)

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