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Friday, August 16, 2013

All You Need Is.....

In the evenings, after dinner, we've been eager to get out and walk the neighborhood - unheard of in the middle of August in our neck of the woods. Usually the heat is so oppressive at this time of year that just the thought of going outside for more than a few minutes makes me feel faint. I can't believe it's this mild in the middle of August. But we'll take it!

The developer of our condo provides a limited number of modest garden plots to residents. We had one for about a year right after we moved in. It was conveniently located within a reasonable walk from our front door. We spent quite a bit of time preparing the soil (boo to red clay) and planting herbs and veggies.

But out of the clear the developer decided to move the plots. On a steep hill. By the River. With a lot less sun. So after reworking the soil again and planting herbs and a few vegetables again, all we got was a lot of leaves and tiny or no fruit. After a year of that we decided to hang it up. I don't mind the work a garden takes - in fact, I really love it. But I want to reap some fruits for our labor. And with our schedules, a garden has to be convenient. But it was fun while it lasted.

When we take a stroll through the neighborhood we love to check out how the gardens are doing. Some plots have lovely flower beds, some have been let to grow wild with lanky weeds and forgotten plantings. Some are beautifully decorated with ornaments, gray stone paths, or mini brick retaining walls.

Some plants are starting to fade a bit. Just one more lovely cycle of the growing season. But everything is still trying to grow like mad. No doubt all the rain we've had this summer helped.

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