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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

They Say Spring

We had 70 degree weather today. And snow less than a week ago! After today I'm not thinking about snow or cold weather for a long time!

Now I'm thinking about spring, my favorite season.

I'm loving warmer breezes, longer days, and anticipating fluffy blooming pear trees (soon).

I'm thinking of Easter, lighter clothing, and eating in-season fruits and veggies like greens, tender spring onions, snap peas and lettuces.

I'm ready for blankets to be put away, heat to be turned off, and wide open windows early in the morning.

I'm looking forward to dining alfresco on the balcony with wine and a board thickly layered with hard and pungent cheeses, shiny black olives, thinly sliced charcuterie from Belmont Butchery, and a crusty loaf of bread. Yum!

I picked up fresh tulips last weekend from the local grocery. They were dirt cheap so I landed three big bunches and placed several vases around the condo.  Nothing says spring like tulips!

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