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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Late at night you'll find me throwing together breakfast and lunch for work the next day. Thinking of anything more complex than cereal to take for the morning meal makes me want to run from the kitchen screaming.

But on weekends it's all about good food. I often cook a big meal for breakfast - bacon and eggs and toast from whatever bread we have on hand. Sometimes I'll whip up whole grain pancakes or fried potatoes if we've got a baked one left over from yesterday's dinner. I usually add a side of fresh fruit to round it out. Just simple, good food that'll stick to my ribs until dinner comes around.

I tried my hand at poached eggs recently in an effort to "lighten up" breakfast. I'm not enamored with the cumbersome process of delicately dropping the egg into a swirling pot of not-quite-simmering-water so that the twirl catches the egg white and wraps it around the yolk just right while it's cooking. And then there's the perfect 3 minute timing required for the best yolkie goodness. But I do love the taste results. Delicious, and much lighter than frying (which is my usual method - in bacon grease if I've cooked it - that's the way my mom and grandmother did it...don't judge:).

And whatever you do, don't judge these eggs based on shape. It's my first attempt! They're certainly not the lovely smooth round cloud-like poached creations that are served up in restaurants (or even by someone who knows what they're doing), but they were done perfectly - rich, creamy yolk and a solid white. Pretty good!

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