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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Photo Walk

On Sat I spent some time at a local farm with my digital and film cameras. What a great day.

We got there early in the morning. It was cold and the overcast sky covered everything with a gray haze. My favorite kind of light and weather to shoot in. I was bundled up with many layers. Had on my lucky hat (the one I wore to Italy in 1998) and camera gloves (the top of the glove folds back off the tips of my fingers so I can easily adjust my camera settings). I could have stayed there all day.

Can you believe daylight savings begins on Mar 10?  I've seen more and more light in the sky over the last three weeks as I leave the office at 6:30 - so the days are getting longer. Soon, we'll be feeling the sweet warmth of spring.

These are all digital images. Still have a few shots left to take on the film camera - I'm trying out fresh film this time rather than expired. Can't wait to get them developed.

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