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Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm ready to roll. With a roll or two of film, that is.

Just received my rolls of film this week. I've been staring at them on my desk with much anticipation! There are so many different kinds of film that it blew my mind deciding which to buy. So after some research on blogs and film boards, I decided on the rolls in the photo.

Let me introduce you to my little friends:
Nikon F100 (35mm)
Mamiya C220 (120 medium format and 220 large format)

I'm especially excited about the Mamiya because it uses 120mm medium and 220mm large format films (the box here contains 5 rolls of 120 film).

I actually have two Mamiya C220's to play with. A friend bought them both at a yard sale. I bought one from her, but will try shooting with both to see how well they work. Both Mamiyas are in great condition and I hope they both work so she has a usable one too (although she's not into film). The Mamiya weighs a ton - twice as heavy as the F100. I'll need a camera strap for this monster.

I downloaded the manuals for both cameras for FREE off the Internet! Gotta love that.

My plan for the next two days (besides the standard household chores, ew) is to pour though both of the manuals, load the films, and be ready to start shooting.

I was scheduled to attend a photo shoot tomorrow and wanted to take the F100, but the shoot was cancelled due to bad weather - we're suffering from rain and freezing roads around here for the next two days.

I was determined NOT to take my digital camera to the shoot - now that's a scary thought. I'm so comfortable with my D300 (love that camera) and the thought of deliberately leaving it behind when I head out to a shoot makes a little crazy. But I wanted only the F100 to get me through it.

I'm making film progress...yea!

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