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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Henrico Water Reclamation

I never imagined I would enjoy photographing a water reclamation facility. I kept wondering what could possibility be interesting about photographing a location that removes wastes from water.

Boy, was I misguided.

First off, the process of cleaning our water is so interesting. We had a wonderful guide that explained it all. Second, the plant was a fascinating location to shoot!

My camera club was fortunate enough to get an extensive behind the scenes tour of a local facility, and during the tour we had free reign to take photos to our hearts content.

Right at the beginning of the tour, at the location where the wastes first arrive at the facility, it was...well, how should I say...rank. I have a weak stomach. I also have a nose that doesn't miss a beat when it comes to sniffing out things. This was the only time that I nearly lost it. The rest of the time it was pretty uneventful, smell wise that is.

It was a terrific place to shoot. High noon sunlight casted interesting shadows. Lots of steel and water and bubbles and rusty metal and weathered paint colors and interesting corners and gadgets and thermometers and wheels and cranks.

Loved it!

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