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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good Stuff

Oh Nikon. Be still my shuttering heart. I love my D300, but I'm looking for a full-frame camera this year. Could it be the one? Or maybe this one? Yea, I know, the second one is a little steep. I've had my D300 for many years, and I LOVE that camera. I expect to have my next camera a really long time too. Forever even :)

Want to watch the best FREE on-line photography seminars on the planet? Check out CreativeLIVE. I'm watching the Boudoir Photography Workshop by Christa Meola this weekend. While I will never, ever be a boudoir photographer, the information I've picked up in this workshop is so valuable and can be carried to any genre of photography. And it's just plain fun. Caution - this particular workshop contains some tastefully racy stuff.  You can only watch it FREE during the live 3-day taping. After the live taping is over, you can purchase the video. All workshops are done this way. It's a great opportunity if you can slice out time during the three days of the live taping to watch it. I believe there's also a free rerun in the evening.

Visit my Photography Board on Pinterest. Lots of great links to photo products and photo tutorials that I've been collecting for awhile.

VMFA had a wonderful photography exhibit recently - "Elvis at 21". These photos of Elvis were taken in 1956 when he was 21 years old, before he became wildly popular. Some of the photos were taken in our city when he performed at the Mosque Theater on Jun 30, 56. If I remember correctly, the photographer Alfred Wertheimer was only in his mid-20's. The documentary photos, done in B&W film of course, were mesmerizing. The dodging and burning, the grain, the gorgeous shadows and lights. Lovely.

I couldn't take pics inside the exhibit, but VFMA is a quintessential location for great snaps, so I wasn't hurting for subject matter. I love the symmetry in this shot. The scene is quiet and calming. The bright light streaming through the windows caught my attention, and I knew it would make a striking B&W (which I was totally motivated to do after seeing the Elvis exhibit). And I love the lines and pattern that lead my eyes throughout the photo. It's the 50mm, 1.4. I adore that lens because it's so fast, but it will sometimes leave lens flare or reflections on the photo when I point it directly at the light source.  I should get a lens hood for it.

We had lunch at the museum's award-winning restaurant Amuse - so very delicious!

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karen said...

so so happy to see new entries to your blog. i AM jealous and I do totally agree with the info about the VMFA. A nice, peaceful and beautiful place to hang out. Thanks for the postings! karen